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Seamless traceability with CSB Traceability

With CSB Traceability, you control, document and manage the flow of your goods along the entire supply chain. Your company is able, at any time, to determine and consistently prove when, where and by whom your goods were received, processed, stored, transported, used, or disposed of. All origin and processing data can be fully stored and transferred to your customers and external databases, such as fTRACE or mynetfair. In this process, CSB Traceability naturally meets the requirements of legislation, and regulation and standards set for the industry.

Your benefits:

  • Transparent flow of goods as well as internal logistics
  • Observance of due diligence
  • Increase in consumer trust
  • Legal security and risk limitation
  • Competent handling of crisis situations
  • Implementation of key legislation, guidelines and norms
  • Transparent portrayal of complete upstream and downstream processes

Further information

Success stories

Companies that have already successfully opted for CSB Traceability:

Service part

Practical solution

With the CSB-System, the meat processor Vion Convenience has created a maximum degree of transparency. Based on the eartag, its beef products can be traced from the retail package right back to the fa...

Traceability as competitive edge

Make use of traceability to increase your competitive edge.

International Standards

CSB Traceability ensures compliance with required standards for certification and traceability in the food industry.


Recalls in the food industry are always a big deal. With CSB Traceability you combine your flow of goods with the flow of your data and thus ensure maximum accessibility of your products.


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