CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Actively Ensuring Customer Loyalty

Long-lasting and profitable customer relationships are a core factor of success on the market. The more you know about your customers and their buying behaviour the quicker you can translate their requests. This increases your chances for selling.

The integrated Customer Relationship Management solution by CSB-System helps you to exploit all your company's potential in the optimal way and to tie your customers to your company in the long-term. All areas of active customer retention are covered extensively – from strategic planning to operational dialogue with customers, analysis, maintenance and use of essential data. Strategic planning and scenario modules as well as comprehensive functionality for a planned vs. actual comparison between your strategic goals and the associated actual data are available to you. With one click you can access all required ERP data like address information, offers, orders, stocks on hand, coverage planning and sales data, giving you a transparent view of your overall customer data.

Comprehensive communication management enables a successful dialogue as well as automated data exchange with your business partners. In addition, the CRM by CSB-System offers extensive analysis and reporting functions. In this way, you make use of the information collected during customer contacts to optimize your entire value-added chain.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Integration of all areas of active customer retention – from strategic planning to the operational dialogue with customers and analysis of all essential data
  • Full integration in the industry-specific ERP software
  • Transparent view of all your customer data
  • Comprehensive communication management for an optimal dialogue with your customers – per fax, email, CTI via the CSB-Phonemaster®, EDI, internet, intranet, etc.
  • Automated data exchange via EDI
  • Large range of evaluation options