The German company Rabenhorst produces high-quality beverages with support by the CSB-System

The ultra-modern beverage company Haus Rabenhorst O. Lauffs GmbH & Co. KG has been family-owned for 200 years. With its 100 employees, it generated a turnover of 30 million euros in the year 2008. The German company offers a large product range with 600 articles, of which “Rotbäckchen“ is the most well known juice. The longestablished company exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide. Utilizing the CSB-System, Rabenhorst benefits from a business IT solution specially tailored to the beverage industry.

When Rabenhorst started a selection process for a suitable ERP system seven years ago, it took a crucial step towards optimal support of industry-specific processes through state-of-the-art information technology. The company replaced its out-dated individual applications with the fully integrated solution by CSB-System AG. “We are using the CSBSystem today across all areas for planning logistics, purchasing and sales, production, marketing, controlling and finances“, explains Claude Greiner, IT manager.

New Requirements Demand New Solutions

The current development at Rabenhorst focuses on mobile data capture with M-ERP®, e.g. in the picking area: “We recently successfully carried out a comprehensive CSB-System upgrade to version 4.2. This allows us to realize a mobile information flow within our business processes“, explains Claude Greiner. As the full integration of mobile information exchange in the CSB-System guarantees a high degree of mobility with all available cost advantages, the successful beverage company also profits from additional benefits. In the picking area, Rabenhorst employees can access all required ERP modules as well as the underlying secure and homogeneous database from their mobile end-devices.

Customer Quotes

“We enjoy an excellent reputation for product quality on the market. It is one of our main objectives to safeguard this quality. Our IT partner CSB-System makes a very important contribution to this.“

Klaus-Jürgen Philipp, general manager at Rabenhorst

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Service part

Facts and Figures

Haus Rabenhorst
O. Lauffs GmbH & Co. KG,


  • Haus Rabenhorst O. Lauffs GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Specialist for top-quality beverages
  • Over 600 articles
  • Exports to over 30 countries
  • Turnover: ca. 30 million euros in the year 2008
  • 100 employees


  • Beverages

Modules in Use

  • ERP with Procurement, Inventory, Sales, Production and Coverage Planning Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Intelligence
  • EDI
  • ATLAS Export

User Benefits

  • Optimal mapping of the specific processes in the beverage industry
  • Cost savings and production increases in the logistics processes along the entire supply chain
  • Comprehensive proof of origin and batch traceability
  • Variable recipe options for material usage at optimal costs
  • Fast and transparent ATLAS customs handling realizes cost savings of 30 percent


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