Car Route Planning

Easy Fleet Management with Intelligent Networking

With integrated car route planning, CSB-System provides a solution for efficient and flexible route planning for your vehicles. You can direct your drivers easily on the optimal route to the desired destinations. You can quickly and flexibly react to unforeseen events at any time: using the online function, you can change your routes at short notice, even if the drivers are already on their way. In addition, individual vehicles or the entire fleet can be clearly displayed on digital maps via GPS position-fixing. Data like location, driver or current speed can be accessed in real time at any time. This allows you to determine the remaining distance and driving time for your vehicles quickly and accurately. Already driven routes can be traced in detail on maps.

You always have an overview of your vehicle fleet, you can select the optimal routes and save time and costs – with flexible car route planning by CSB-System.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Optimally planned routes
  • Reduction of planning work and costs
  • Flexible changes to routes at any time via online function
  • Fast and easy calculation of remaining distances and driving times
  • Minimization of the number of vehicles in use