Your Reliable Partner for Online Data Capture

The CSB-Rack® is a special industrial IT workstation (IPC) for automated data capture. Your operating data is captured online and in real time at the point of origin and directly imported into the CSB-System. At the same time, we integrate all traceability requirements – from procurement of raw materials across all processing stages and quality management to complete labelling of the products – in your process flows in a way that reduces expenses for documentation and labelling to a minimum.

The CSB-Rack® can be used in all business areas and meets the high demands made by the harsh industrial environment of the process industry as man-machine interface for data capture, visualization and process management. With its robust enclosure made of VA4 stainless steel and its shatter-proof shield for both display and touch screen, the IPC terminal can also be used in environments with extreme temperatures and high humidity. Its innovative touch screen technology with water-proof surface guarantees ease of use as well as fully flexible employment.

Running popular operating systems like Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, the CSB-Rack® can be integrated in any IT environment.

Adjusted to Your Operational Requirements – The Different Version of the CSB-Racks®

Depending on your operational conditions and requirements, the CSB-Rack® can be used as:

  • Floor-Mounted CSB-Rack®
  • Ceiling-Mounted CSB-Rack®
  • Wall-Mounted CSB-Rack®
  • Desktop CSB-Rack® (optional, upon request)

In addition, the Multi-Functional CSB-Rack® allows you to combine picking, weighing and price labelling in a single work step. This eliminates unrelated, multi-stage work processes in price labelling.

Accessories for the CSB-Rack® can be combined on a modular basis to make your workplace even more efficient – just as you require. Customized versions are also available upon request.

Benefit from the advantages offered by the CSB-Rack®, a flexible, reliable and powerful IPC terminal for capturing your operational data.