CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Integrating Intralogistics with a System

Organize, manage and optimize your intralogistics processes with a single integrated overall system based on optimal use of resources. The result: processes that are perfectly coordinated across all functional areas and a highly efficient goods and information flow along the entire value-added chain.

With the Computer Integrated Manufacturing by CSB-System, all administrative and operational processes are cross-linked to form a uniform system using information technology. This is done across all functional areas of your company as well as all external places of business and storage.

Integrate your entire intralogistics directly in the ERP system – independent of manufacturers, devices, sub-systems and operating systems. Ensure full investment protection by integrating your existing hardware and process periphery. Whether scales, scanners, RFID readers and writers or conveying systems, all hardware components can be integrated in the intralogistics management system quickly and easily.

Benefit from our experience and secure your technological lead!

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Your intralogistics in an integrated single overall system
  • Mobile and flexible process periphery with M-ERP®
  • Independence of manufacturers, devices, sub-systems and operating systems
  • Universal process optimization and reduction of logistics costs
  • Communication with all systems and machines via integrated CIM solution
  • Complete management, control and monitoring of all inventory and picking systems, all types of conveying technique as well as batching and silo systems
  • No duplicate data capture, data administration and hardware maintenance