Patisserie Walter

Patisserie Walter produces delicious desserts assisted by the CSB-System

“Our idea is very simple. We make top-quality patisserie products for large customers like top-class hotels and restaurants as well as event caterers who are not able to produce them as economically as we can”, explain Udo and Uwe Walter, who founded Patisserie Walter GmbH in 1998. Since then, customers have been indulging in the premium handmade delicacies and the company is now market leader in its sector. No flavour enhancers are used in production because for Patisserie Walter “natural“ means preserving the pure, unaltered taste.

Implementation of the CSB-System Solution

After first renting and then renovating a pastry shop, both managing
directors decided to construct a new building in the year 2000. Due to
the company‘s success and ensuing growth, the shop had become too
small: “Today, our production floor covers 3,500 square metres and we have 55 employees”, says Udo Walter.

Parallel to the construction of the new building, they were also searching for a powerful ERP system: “We were looking for an ERP system that could manage our recipes with all details because production at a patisserie has to be very accurate. In addition, we wanted optimal IT support for all our processes”, reports Udo Walter on the ERP system requirements. CSB-System AG quickly caught the attention of the general managers. After a performance analysis, the company created a target concept covering the entire resource planning process including procurement, inventory, production and sales. The final implementation of the CSB-System solution went according to schedule and without any delay.

Structured Processes


Patisserie Walter places emphasis on handcraft in combination with industry-specific information technology

Orders placed with Patisserie Walter are either taken by phone or fax
and are directly imported in the CSB-System. In the goods receiving department, all incoming raw materials, e.g. cocoa, couverture, sugar, etc., are recorded and then transported to the raw materials warehouse. Being IFS certified, the company also utilizes the CSB-System to ensure transparent traceability. The patisserie uses lot numbers which are provided by the CSB-System in goods receiving and which remain linked with the products up to final delivery. This allows clear batch identification at any time. Using the CSB-System batch processing feature, the patisserie produces more than 200 different and perfectly crafted patisserie products.

Customer Quotes

“Choosing this industry-specific business IT solution was a conscious decision because the system offers us maximum investment protection and a secure future. The continuous cooperation with our IT partner CSB-System AG is of crucial importance to us.”

Patisserie chefs Udo und Uwe Walter

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Service section

Facts and Figures

Market leader for topquality, hand-made patisserie products


  • Patisserie Walter GmbH, Germany
  • Market leader for topquality, hand-made patisserie products
  • More than 200 different articles
  • Deliveries to well-known catering companies, hotels and restaurants
  • 55 employees


  • Confectionery

Modules in Use

  • ERP with Procurement, Production, Inventory and Sales
  • PPS
  • HR
  • EDI

User Benefits

  • Optimal mapping of the specific processes in the confectionery industry
  • Streamlined and transparent business processes
  • Synchronous flow of goods and information
  • Elimination of redundant worksteps in administration