MES – Manufacturing Execution System

Controlling Your Production in Real Time

Improved throughput and delivery times, increased product quality and reduced costs – the aims in production are ambitious. Companies have to adjust quickly and flexibly to current market conditions and have to optimize their production processes continuously in order to succeed in competition. In this conetxt, manufacturing executions systems are becoming more and more important.

The efficient MES by CSB-System controls the production processes in your company in real time. It initiates, responds to and reports on all activities taking place in production. The resulting short reaction time combined with a reduction of non-value adding activities ensures optimal production and process flows.

Connection between ERP and PPS

With the custom-tailored MES by CSB-System, you realize the perfect connection between ERP and PPS in your company. Production information like machine utilization, stocks on hand and throughput times are directly transferred to the ERP system via the process planning and control module. Up-to-date MES information ensures continuous optimization of your production processes from order entry to finished product. MES also helps you meet all requirements for secure batch traceability. The possibility to retrieve quality-related process data, e.g. timing data, machine times, etc., at any time eliminates the need for additional sub-systems.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Full integration in your production processes
  • Reduction of stocks on hand
  • Reduction of throughput times
  • Bi-directional communication from and to the supply chain
  • Integrated control of equipment and maintenance
  • Comprehensive automation of your production processes
  • Minimization of rejects