EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Fully Automated Transfer and Processing of External Business Processes

Do you want to reduce the time and costs spent on business communication? Then CSB businessware© is the right choice for you.

The integrated Electronic Data Interchange solution offers fully automated transmission and processing of all your external business processes without any manual activity. Complete integration of the EDI solution in the industry-specific ERP solution offers great benefits: All required data, e.g. orders, delivery notifications, shipping orders, acknowledgements of receipt, invoices, advice of settlement, account statements, vat returns, etc., are processed automatically and bi-directionally in the CSB-System. You avoid time intensive and costly interfaces and make the entire data exchange with business partners and authorities efficient and profitable. Non-EDI standards can also be implemented easily and at low cost using a flexible converter tool.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Full integration in the business software CSB businessware©
  • Fully automated and bi-directional processing of your external business processes
  • No time and cost intensive interfaces
  • Utilization of a flexible and comprehensive converter tool