Future Based on History


The CSB Group of Companies

Independence enables flexible acting and improves future and investment security. It also allows healthy growth and profits which can be invested in innovative products.

The CSB Group of Companies has been setting an innovative course in business consulting and programming of industry-specific ERP systems for over 35 years. Since its foundation in 1977, the company has been protecting its financial and technological independence. As a successful and strongly expanding group of companies with business activities worldwide, we employ approximately 600 people in over 40 countries.

Our independence serves to protect the future of our customers.

Success with a Future

We have consistently been specializing in the process and retail industry and have successfully developed the company using our own financial means. Continuous sales increases both in Germany and abroad confirm the success of our turnkey, industry-specific business IT solution. At the same time, the success of our company is also a success for our customers for they can rely on a strong IT partner who knows their processes and requirements in detail.

This gives you the necessary security to invest in a powerful and innovative IT solution which offers integrated and comprehensive automation with a focus on individual industries.