PPS – Process Planning System

Optimal, Easy and Reliable Planning of Processes

The integrated Process Planning System (PPS) by CSB-System is a powerful tool for fast, secure and demand-oriented production planning. Whether long, medium or short-term planning – you can calculate detailed planning data for comprehensive management and control of your production processes. This gives you an up-to-date overview of the quantities to be produced as well as the throughput times of your orders, your current stock on hand and the capacity utilization of your departments and machines.

The data required for planning is made available online via the central ERP system in a freely-configurable, clear and well structured planning matrix. Due to its modular design with a planning matrix and an optimization graphic, the PPS can be utilized both in small and large planning environments without any problems.

The challenges in production are complex and not always predictable. This makes accurate production planning all the more important. The process planning system by CSB-System helps you improve your production processes continuously and recognize optimization potential at an early stage.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Cost reductions through optimization of product wait times, setup times and production idle times
  • Maximization of stock turnover and as a result increase in liquidity
  • Profit maximization through integrated forecast of contribution margins
  • Increased cash flows through reduced stock on hand and optimization of throughput times
  • Increased utilization of resources and capacities