Conditions of Participation of CSB-COLLEGE

Registration must be submitted in writing:

CSB-System AG
An Fürthenrode 9-15
52511 Geilenkirchen

The fax form can be used for the registration. It is also possible to register via the internet or by sending an e-mail to the following address: „“. By the signing of the registration form, a binding training contract becomes effective under the conditions of participation.

For seminars which are offered "as and when required," registration is required until the first (1st) working day of the month in which the seminar is scheduled. Depending on the number of participants and the arrangement of dates, the CSB-College finalizes the dates for this seminar. Participation and appointment are then confirmed.

Extraordinary appointment and allocation requests cannot be considered. Registrations are accepted in the order of arrival. The registration is confirmed by e-mail and the invoice is issued.


Per seminar day and person, we will charge EURO 580.--. As from the second participant of a company, we will grant a discount of 50 % per participant.

Seminar Quota
If a seminar quota is booked, the following discount applies within a year:
5 seminar days = 30 % discount
10 seminar days = 40 % discount
20 seminar days = 50 % discount

A quota can be used by different employees of a company. If a booked quota is not fully used within a year as from booking, the unused days forfeit. In that case, the discount for multiple registration does not apply.

Training Flat Rates
As of January 01, 2013, for training flat rates the following prices shall apply per training module within a defined period and per person:

Training module Basics EURO 4,000.--
Training module Intermediate EURO 4,000.--

For the contents of these training modules, please refer to the specifications on the home page of CSB-System AG (

Terms of Payment
The seminar fees are due net plus applicable GST valid at the time of the seminar. All invoice amounts are to be paid strictly net to CSB-System AG within 8 days after invoice date, at the latest upon participation in the seminar. CSB-COLLEGE reserves the right to exclude participants from participating in the seminar if the seminar fee has not been paid until the beginning of the seminar.

The seminar fee includes the following:

  • training documentations
  • beverages
  • lunch
  • use of technical equipment for training purposes

A part participation in the seminar does not entitle to reduce the seminar fee. CSB-COLLEGE reserves the right to change the content of seminars, seminar documentations, the duration and places of events as well as the prices.

Cancellation by the customer

Cancellation of a registration must be made in writing. The cancellation must be submitted to CSB-COLLEGE in due time. Substitutes can be named. Missed seminar days are not refunded. Any cancellation of a seminar registration is without costs if submitted 15 working days (excluding Saturdays/Sundays) before the beginning of the seminar. If a cancellation is submitted less than 15 working days (excluding Saturdays/Sundays) before the beginning of the seminar or if the customer is not present during the seminar, the seminar fee shall be paid in full.

Cancellation by CSB-COLLEGE

CSB-COLLEGE reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a seminar until eight (8) calendar days before the beginning of the seminar, especially in case of events which render the performance technically or economically unacceptable for CSB-COLLEGE. Participants are informed immediately in writing. Paid seminar fees are refunded. Additional claims are ruled out.


CSB-COLLEGE as training facility of CSB-System AG is not liable except for willful intent or gross negligence.

Data Capture

By registering for the seminar, the participant complies with the recording of his/her personal data for the organization of the event as well as for later information about participants.


Agreements have to be made in writing to become effective. If a provision of these conditions of participation becomes invalid, the other conditions remain binding. Provided training documentations may not be copied without written authorization. We are not liable for given advice or the application of acquired knowledge.

Apart from that, the respectively current general terms and conditions of business of CSB-System AG apply.

Geilenkirchen, December 1,2012