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CSB-System announces new Launchpad Meat & Poultry Business System

CSB-System International, Inc. is pleased to now offer the Launchpad Meat & Poultry Business Solution. The Launchpad solution incorporates the best practices of essential business processes from over 1,700 client installations worldwide within the meat industry into one baseline system. This knowledge base is actualized within the solution through a pre-loaded configuration process which allows project implementation teams to blast through the setup and testing phases of installation. The result is an expedited implementation schedule without sacrificing the quality of process improvements or exceeding project budgets. A typical Launchpad implementation schedule includes between three to five onsite visits over a three month period from kickoff to go-live.

Launchpad focuses on the most essential business practices areas: Procurement, Production, Inventory, Sales, and Financials.


Launchpad leverages best practices to streamline the Procurement process from Requirements through Accounts Payable. The system ensures the proper materials are ordered at the right time, received correctly, and paid for in a timely manner. Reductions in Raw Material inventory and Waste Produce lower costs and increase profits. Proper inventory aging, variations in pricing, and vendor scorecards are all visible so the right decision can be made at the right time.


Baseline Production Planning combined with Mobile Batch Processing on the production floor produce efficiencies of scheduling and data collection in the Launchpad production module. While Production Planning and Processing can differ greatly between installations, best practices allow the Launchpad system to be easily adapted to client specifications. Reporting of individual Batch Costs, multiple levels of Production Yields, and comparisons of actual costs to standard costs allow real-time analysis of production changes.


Product availability, aging, location management, stocktaking, serialization, and mobile application best practices allow the Inventory manager to completely control the inventory with up-to-the-minute accuracy. The CSB-System Launchpad also ensures that proper inventory control procedures are followed by end-users with facilitates more accuracy in aging, locating, and picking product.


Sales processes often have a myriad of connections to other business processes. Inventory availability, age, cost, pricing, discounts, trade promotions, order picking, and invoicing, must all work in unison to maximize profit. The Launchpad sales module provides the best practice foundation to throttle up complexity within a structured methodology designed to reduce errors. Focus on order fulfillment accuracy allows a customer-focused organization to manage and exceed expectations.


When best practices are applied to Chart of Accounts, financial posting transactions, and financial reports, the automation of Launchpad financial accounting becomes very clear. Account structures can be simplified with the Launchpad as drill down information is available for more detailed reporting when required. Invoice importing to financials is automatic with full order history available at the press of a button. The result is clear insight into the financial health of the operation, areas for improvement, and areas to maximize profit.

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