A System that Unites



Programmed for Your Success

The implementation of the solutions by CSB-System provides a number of benefits to the overall success of each company. By increasing performance, profitability and effectiveness, the CSB-System results in lasting competitive advantages and the ability to increase efficiency.

As a specialized solution provider, the CSB-System combines profound industry expertise with ultra-modern technology. By defining the specific requirements of each industry, it is possible to analyze business processes and develop a tailored IT solution concept which combines software, consulting and hardware. Our modular solutions can be extended to create a complete business IT solution in which provide ease to use, flexibility and are individually tailored to fit each company’s requirements.


Software for Process and Business Management

CSB businessware© provides software solutions for efficient process and business management. All business processes are mapped out and perfectly harmonized in a fully integrated system. The benefits of this software include becoming more transparent while ensuring uniform data, streamlined processes and cost savings in all business areas.

Software for Mobile In-House and Field Service Solutions

CSB everywhere© software for mobile in-house and field service solutions provide fast and flexible access to each central ERP system. Using mobile end devices or the internet permits the user to access business data at any point in time and from any location without any loss of program performance.