Truck Management and Tracing

Economic Deliveries with a System

In order to meet the high expectations of customers regarding product quality, delivery reliability and price – it is imperative to have reliable distribution logistics (i.e. knowing exactly where vehicles are and when drivers will deliver the goods to the customers). Having up-to-date information on transport conditions allows for the use of planning the routes in an optimal way.

The Truck Management and Tracing solution as part of CSB everywhere© makes this possible and offers a comprehensive, GPS-aided route optimization and information system allowing improvements to the continuous transportation processes. Utilizing this solution, it is easy to plan the scheduled routes in addition to generating transportation orders automatically. All customer, time and vehicle restrictions are taken into account during route optimization.

An on-board computer installed directly in the drivers cab visualizes the route. Equipped with mobile data capture and printer, the on-board computer actively supports the goods logistics. It documents all route details, e.g. delivery, returns, reusables, route of the tour, opening of the loading space doors as well as the temperature of the vehicle in the loading space. Processing of route data is perfected with integrated route controlling providing comprehensive route-related evaluations. These evaluations offer maximum transparency through targeted counter measures and allow the ability to recognize deviations immediately.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Guaranteed on-time deliveries and delivery quality
  • Minimization of driving times
  • Optimal route planning
  • Comprehensive route controlling
  • Reduction of planning work and costs
  • Optimization and monitoring of accruing tolls