Smooth Processes with Optimal Resource Planning

Stabilize production processes, guaranteeing secure production planning and optimizing the efficiency of the supply chain are some of the challenges companies are facing every day. With CSB businessware© it is easy to check and improve the production processes continuously and secure the competitiveness and sustainability of your company.

All production areas are fully integrated in the CSB-System without any island solutions. Utilizing the system, you can quickly prepare complex BOMs and production processes in a transparent fashion. Integrated planning modules create clear representations of production planning and control, taking all relevant procurement, inventory and sales information into account. In addition to short, medium and long-term planning, production planning and control also includes capture of operating data including CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Transparent creation of BOMs
  • Integrated cost unit accounting to secure your economic success
  • Comprehensive planning modules for optimal use of resources
  • Integration of all production areas for maximum degree of automation
  • Absolute reliability of your production processes